endpoint security solution 

Protects the endpoint, without using virus databases as an antivirus normally does. 

Key Benefits:

Create a protected environment 

(BYOD Compliant) where any user can easily make a transaction without fear that a hacker can get hold of their data and put their information and money at risk.

The best security approach

  Based on always considering the worst case scenario and therefore creating the highest security conditions, where you can perform any transaction without concerning about being hacked in the way.

Higher authentication security

No one will be able to impersonate your clients. Our system uses hardware unique IDs as a MFA layer, this is better than just relying on passwords or tokens which could be easily hacked. 

Key Features:

Isolated workspaces to run controlled processes


Creates on demand a safe and isolated workspace called AzBunker®, where a fortified barrier is created on-the-fly to prevent any threat, virus, RAT, worm, Trojan, etc., to get access to the secure session.Read More...
Authentication in encrypted layer


In addition to SSL/TLS protocols, an additional custom protocol is used to protect the data exchange in the client authentication process.  Read More...   
Second factor authentication 2FA with Hwid


Use of unique identifiers, specific to the devices from which the connection originates. Thus, access to the system will be rejected so that only the previously REGISTERED devices will be able to get access to the system.  Read More...   


Monitoring and reporting
Monitors and collects information in different reports for audit analysis purposes such as forensic analysis and system usage statistics.


Easy integration
Easy-to-implement, frictionless integration layer for efficient and effective end-point shielding. The back-end is available for deployment On-Premises or On-Cloud mode.Read More...

Use cases:

Banking security:

Cybercriminals use sophisticated tools to gain access to users' and companies' online banking and steal money. Our solution focuses on shielding the moment of the transaction so that there is no theft or data leakage of any kind. 


Money transfer agencies protection

What happens when processes such as money transfers are processed by small money transfer agencies? AzTrust offers client-server security in order to guarantee security in a protected environment shielded from any threat. 


Workforce securing

Security and productivity for the remote worker. Guaranteeing controlled and monitored access, shielded with different authentication factors, measuring, and controlling user activity.


 10 years
Of continuous research and development

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